January 22, 2012


Fallacy Butcher came out their first Lookbook on for their first special released. It's pretty dope, go check it out. For ya'll didn't know about them, ya'll can go to their facebook at Fallacy Butcher for more info.

Adopting street and rock culture as the inspiration of design, Fallacy Butcher establishes the new attitude to life! To go against the absurd facts or speeches around us; to distinguish the truth by independent thinking, The Butchers run wild in the city to invade fallacy!

Fallacy Butcher 是以街頭和搖滾的文化作為設計的根源。此外也是一種生活態度,對於身邊,或者社會上荒謬嘅事實、言論,一定要予以抗衡,以自己獨立的思考去辨別真偽;讓宰割謬論的屠夫橫行於市。

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