December 28, 2011


Since we took so many pictures of you guys shop at Loading... Store. We wanted to give you guys something back as a appreciation. We are proud to present the Loading... Store Photos Contest and will held today! The winner will get the Mystery Gift Set worth around HK$880. The contest will start today at 6:30pm Dec 28th 2011 until Jan 10th 2012. Just follow the instruction below and get the chance to win the Giveaway Gifts!

- Find your Photo at Loading... Fan Pages.
- Click on the link :
- Click *Like* on your Photo and Share it to your friends & families to support you.
- The Highest *Like* on your Photo with at least 20 likes in the Contest will wins.
- Only 1 winner will received the rewards, hence Share your Photo to your friends or families.
- Winner will get a Gift Set worth around HK$880.
- The contest will starts on Dec 28th, 2011 - Jan 10th 2012 at 11:59pm.
- If got 2 or more winners, we will only choose the nearest date of photo posted.
- All decisions are Final by Loading... Crew.

- 請在Loading ... 粉絲網頁尋找屬於的自己相片。
- 請登入: 網址。
- 把相片分享給朋友和親友,請他們在網頁中的相片按"讚"給予你支持。
- 獲"讚"最高者,最終必須獲得多於20個"讚"彧以上方為勝出。
- 此活動得獎者可獲禮品乙份,迅速分享給朋友和親友,一起參與給予你支持。
- 此活動得獎禮品總值超過港幣$880。
- 活動時間:由 2011年12月28日起 至 2012年1月10日止。
- 如遇獲"讚"同票數時,將會以時間優先順序為獲獎優先。
- Loading ... 保留最終決定之權利。

Good Luck and Have fun!

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