December 30, 2010


Happy Holiday and Happy New Year 2011! Thank you for all the support!!! Wish ya'll all the best in 2011!!!

Btw, we just got an email from Vee Nyce that Ashley Outrageous just hosted a mixtape for Dave Raps, called Too Unknown. It's dope and ya'll should download it for free. FYI, Dave Raps is from New York, and this is the 3rd project he is doing it now.  He's currently recording his EP, and check out the 2 videos he did.

The tape is complied of beats we are aware of as well as a few originals with Dave spittin’ some heat! It was Mixed by DJ Flow, Raps picks up a number of instrumentals and expresses himself, or his thoughts on being fly, womens and his lyrical acumen. I’m too old and dirty to rock on dude’s style level, but I can appreciate when someone can be so enthusiastic with whatever they are spitting on. This is cool to rock on your way to work or school, but this is truly a Friday night, dutchmaster/Henny session tape, something to pop in before the club while you’re getting right. Try it. - khal via

Below is the latest video he did, check it out and download the mixtape for FREE now.

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