November 22, 2010


Yes, we've been many customers asked us about Married to the MOB coming out some Mens wear. Finally, the ladies of Married to the Mob were very reluctant to even consider creating t-shirts for men, being such a female-centric brand. Alas, after 6 years of being at the top of the women's street-wear market, we haven't been able to ignore the increasing demand for sizes and styles geared towards the other sex. This debut line consists of three different styles in two color-ways and promises the same provocative slogans that made MTTM what it is today, just with a slightly more masculine influence.

For this season, MTTM chose rapper Curren$y of J.E.T.S to be their spokes-model for the drop, representing the male equivalent of the "Most Official Bitch" persona - young, hot, rebellious, and confident. Whether you're a girl looking to get her boyfriend on board the M.O.B lifestyle, or just a dude sick of being left out, look no further, MTTM Mens is here! It will available at Loading... very soon and sorry for the delay.

Second delivery will be coming soon!!! Keep update for the delivery...

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