January 17, 2010

Mr. Wany : Ironlak Team in Milano, Italy

Check it out the Ironlak Team, Mr. Wany Ues. Andrea Sergio was born in Brindisi in 1978. In 1990, only 12 years is already known as Wany, with the pseudonym whose signature graffiti on the walls of his city. It is the beginning of a long artistic career that right now emphasising its originality and innate ability in designing. In 1994 he won his first regional contest in Puglia and his passion begins to be recognized and this leads him to realize many work on commission. At the same time he graduated at the Liceo Artistico Brindisi then, from 1997 to 2000, specializes with the utmost of the votes at the "International School of Comics "in Rome. In 1996 idea and realizes" Ill Fame "magazine which will become a cult culture HipHop . In 1998, produces compilation "B.Boy Guerrieri" where published the first piece of Fabri Fibra at "Custodi del tempo." During these years he was invited to paint in countless meetings in every city of Italy, from Sicily to Piedmont; also won major national contest and is the court races Writing, Rap and Break dance. Tiene lessons and work on Writing at "The University Wisdom." Rome, a lesson of art therapy with children syndrome dawn at "Giardino educativo delle sorprese" and private schools in recognition of being one of the most prestigious representatives of this current. Meanwhile participates as a dancer Street to party Kylie Minogue organized by D&G, "Carramba che sorpresa" on RaiUno, "Miss Italia" and "Festival Bar" with the singer Giorgia, all coreografato by Luca Tommasini, and some music videos. Check out the vidoe below and more about his profile at wayone.com.

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